Miniatura Guides

A handy set of pages to guide you to the right exhibitors.

Helping you find what you need

If you know the name of the business you need or the specific item you want just type it into the search bar above to get quickly to where you want to be. We recognise that not everyone knows exactly what they want so we have put together the following pages in an effort to collect the gallery pages under subject headings, that way you can browse in a more focussed way. The categories are:

Research – Organisations and people that will support you throughout your journey in the miniature world. Magazines, Societies, Teachers

Equipment & SuppliesThe places to find the tools and materials that will make making easier (and more fun).

Building a HouseHouse makers and kit providers of course but also wallpapers, electrics, cladding and all the structural elements.

Furnishing your home – Chairs and tables as you might expect but also cabinets, kitchen units, beds and bathroom units.

OrnamentsDecorative items to go on the walls and shelves. Paintings, vases, flowers, lamps.

Adding LifeThe people (dolls) and the animals. Also the things they bring with them like hats, shoes, teddy bears, clothes and soft furnishings.

Providing the essentialsThe things from the shops! Food, packaging, bathroom and kitchen supplies.

Flights of Fancy – Hard to define this one but let’s say there be dragons, witches and things that go bump in the night

Collections – A page aimed at people who have just inherited a collection and have no idea what to do with it but also a place where exhibitors who sell those collections on can be found.

If you have a gallery page and would like to be under a different category (everyone can have up to two) then do get in touch and we can fix that for you –